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Massage Therapy


Massage can be a wonderful therapy for your pet in many ways! It's a non-invasive, gentle treatment that promotes healing, induces relaxation, aides digestion, improves circulation and much more!

Massage therapy can also help to stimulate proper immune system function. Orthopedic conditions like arthritis and muscular conditions like strains or fatigue are commonly treated with massage therapy.

Proper massage can alleviate discomfort and muscle tenderness in performance dogs. It can help decreased pain associated with organ dysfunction, immune system disorders and general illness.

There are innumerable benefits to regular massage therapy, including improved muscle oxygenation, reduced swelling or pain resulting from joint or degenerative conditions and increased energy for older or convalescing dogs and cats. It's also great for maintaining health proactively!

After a massage, your pet should be allowed a short walk and have access to cool, fresh water at all times, followed by a rest period.