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A Place Where You & Your Pet are Family

When you visit Dancing Paws Animal Wellness Clinic, you’ll recognize that you’re in a special place. No matter where you come from, we’re always glad you chose us to deliver exceptional care to you and your pet. With many of our veterinarians and staff being long-time team members, our Richfield animal clinic has a decidedly family-like feel to it. After one visit, we’ll probably know you and your pet by name because we take the time to establish a relationship with you both. In turn, this allows us to deliver personalized veterinary care.

How It Works

at the Dancing Paws Animal Wellness Center

Animal Wellness Center Richfield Ohio
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Animal Wellness Center Richfield Ohio
Individual Care
Together, We create a holistic custom treatment options to address your pets unique needs!
Animal Wellness Center Richfield Ohio
Enjoy the Results
Experience animal care that may not be available through other veterinary clinics!
Your animals are a big responsibility.  
Caring for them when they are healthy or sick can both be complex and confusing.
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Whether restoring health or taking preventative measures,  Dr. Neal offers complementary options to help your animal feel his or her best.  
His experience and dedication with several different therapy modalities set him apart.
At Dancing Paws we help our clients establish plans to get and keep their animals healthy.

The Dancing Paws Animal Wellness Center has helped improved the lives of numerous beloved companions.

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Animal Wellness Center Richfield Ohio
Canine Chiropratic

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Please Note:
We do NOT offer primary care services like vaccinations, routine wellness exams or evaluations for acute medical conditions.

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What Clients Say...

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Calm, serene environment for my pet and myself. Great friendly, knowledgeable, experienced staff. No one likes having to take their animal to the vet. This changes all that. You know you are in the best hands possible when you go to Dr. Sivula and his staff!" -Adrienne


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