Animal Wellness Center Richfield Ohio


Below are a few information handouts, including the AAHA canine and AAFP feline vaccine guidelines. 

Our new patient history form is also available for download; you are welcome to print and complete the form prior to your pet's first evaluation!

You can print this form and fill it out before your pet's first visit to our office!  Information requested includes medical history, diet and medication lists and verification of your contact information.

Receiving a copy of your pet's recent bloodwork is a great idea, but it can be very difficult to understand what all those values mean. This form will help you to understand the function of each test, and what elevations can indicate.

The Chi Institute's Life Quality Score Sheet can help objectively assess your pet's life activity score and pain score. The can help guide decisions about your pet's care.

Learn the function of the cruciate ligament, how an injury is diagnosed and what treatment options are available.

What are the benefits of massage therapy for dogs? Learn what our certified canine massage technicians can offer your pet.

We recommend WAAYB Organics CBD Oil for Pets. What conditions can it treat, and how does it work?

Dr. Jean Dodds analyzes the FDA's statement about grain-free food and a possible link with the development of heart disease in dogs.