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Below are a few information handouts, including the AAHA canine and AAFP feline vaccine guidelines.

Our new patient history form is also available for download; you are welcome to print and complete the form prior to your pet's first evaluation!

File NameDescription / Comment
AAFP Feline Vaccine RecommendationsThe American Association of Feline Practitioners 2012 feline vaccination advisement, including administration schedule and immunization information.
AAHA Canine Vaccine RecommendationsThe American Animal Hospital Association's 2011 canine vaccine guidelines, which includes a breakdown of core, non-core and not generally recommended immunization. It also details the differences between vaccines and clarifies "vaccine reactions."
Blood Work Interpretation for OwnersReceiving a copy of your pet's recent bloodwork is a great idea, but it can be very difficult to understand what all those values mean. This form will help you to understand the function of each test, and what elevations can indicate.
New Patient History FormYou can print this form and fill it out before your pet's first visit to our office! Information requested includes medical history, diet and medication lists and verification of your contact information.