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Rex Fink


"My name is Rex, and I'm a German Shepherd from Holland. I was born in 2002 and came to the United States when I was a thirteen month old pup to become a police dog.

My partner Mike and I are certified in narcotics detection, tracking, evidence recovery, building and area searches and suspect apprehension. We work with the South Euclid Police Department, where I was their very first police dog. I live at home with Mike and his family.

I first met Dr. Sivula in 2003 when he came to visit us at a training and told my partner about how important joint care for a working dog. Chasing bad guys through back yards, over fences and everywhere else, plus the intense training we go through, puts a lot of pressure on a dog's body.

Since then, Dr. Sivula has been giving me chiropractic adjustments, and I have to tell you - I love those visits! When I train to apprehend bad guys, I have a tendency to do so with reckless abandon, which can really beat up the joints, neck and spine. Nothing helps me to feel better like a visit with Dr. Sivula. He also suggested some great supplements that help to keep my joints strong.

Now that I am nine years old (in human years), Dr. Sivula though that it would be good for me to start an underwater treadmill therapy regimen. My dad notice that since I was getting old, I was tiring out faster than before. Now, I run in the warm water for about a half hour, and it has really helped my endurance and muscle tone without wear and tear on my joints.

Whenever I do the therapy, I feel so good afterward that I can't help but run around like a puppy! And let me tell you about the vet techs that help me out when I'm in the tank. They are so great, encouraging me and telling me what a good boy I am. And Yoshi and Big Black are pretty cool, for cats. They help to entertain my three year old human brother while I work out.



Finally, as a police dog, I meet lots of different people and I have to tell you, Dr. Sivula and the staff at Dancing Paws Animal Wellness Center are some of the best people I have ever met. Each one of them truly cares about me and how I am doing. And having them in our corner means a lot to my dad. Keeping me healthy and working makes a big difference in the community we protect.

Love, Rex"