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Kali Ceranko


"Our Border Collie, Kali, met Dr. Sivula at the youthful age of thirteen years and four months old.

Kali had arthritis, so we had been managing her with Ascriptin and a very low dose of Rimadyl on an as-needed basis. One day, she developed Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome (IVS). She recovered by mid-September, but both we and her traditional vets were hesitant to introduce any new medications that might aggravate her nervous system. At that point, Dr. McLean suggested a consultation with Dr. Sivula.


Our first visit was an epiphany. Dr. Sivula did not draw a line in the sand between traditional veterinary medicine and the holistic approach... instead, he brought them together in a complementary way, which made A LOT of sense to us.

Kali was offered an acupuncture schedule, a homeopathic pain reliever that could be taken on an as-needed basis, AND we were given some techniques to use as 'homework' for Kali... and by October of 2007, Kali was back in the agility ring playing the game in Tunnels and Hoopers! She continued her agility career until August of 2008, when WE decided that we needed a break and a little bit of time off!

We continued to see Dr. Sivula on a routine maintenance basis with Kali, and her progress and quality of life were astounding for a gal her age!


In early December of 2008, Kali experienced an unusually uncomfortable evening and subsequent morning. We discovered that she needed surgery, which was done the following day. We discovered that she had hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer.

Traditional chemotherapy offered little hope since this type of cancer is frequently resistant to treatment. The difference in the potential time remaining wasn't, in our opinion, a good quality of life trade-off for the time spent in and recovering from chemotherapy.

Dr. Sivula made changes to the frequency of Kali's acupuncture, and added liver support supplements to her diet. Kali isn't a dog that is subject to the 'placebo effect'... if something worked, or didn't, she'd let us know by how she moved, and how she acted. Dr. Sivula's acupuncture treatments, chiropractic adjustments, 'homework' and suggested supplements WORKED.


Perhaps the best statement we have regarding Dr. Sivula's skill is a short twenty four second video taken on Christmas Day, 2008 with Kali 22 days post surgery and fourteen years, seven months YOUNG!



For us and our dogs, Dr. Sivula and his staff are valued members of our dogs' total health care team. We are indeed fortunate to live so close to such talented and caring individuals. Dr. Sivula and the team at Dancing Paws have our and our dogs' trust... and that is the highest recommendation that we can give to anyone.



Al and Barb Ceranko, Kali, Dred, Gael and Pellinore (aka Castle Camelot)"