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Jet Ketler-Rivkin


"Our precious Jet, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, began suffering from seizures when she was just nine months old. During the next several months, we sough the advice of doctor after doctor, and Jet continued to seizure every two or three weeks.

After a frightening bout with cluster seizures, Jet was placed on Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide to lessen the frequency and shorten the duration of her seizures. While we are very fortunate to live near many excellent veterinarians whom have helped manage Jet's condition, it wasn't until we met Dr. Sivula that the pieces of a healthier life for Jet began to fall into place.

In addition to epilepsy, Jet suffered from a low thyroid condition and frequent urinary tract infections. In fact, the latter was so severe that mere days after finishing one course of antibiotics, she'd develop another infection. While there's no doubt that traditional medicine has helped Jet a great deal, Dr. Sivula's holistic approach has made the difference in her care, and in her life.

I can't tell you how it works, but I can tell you how Jet's life has changed since she became a regular patient of Dr. Sivula's. She has not had a seizure in eight months. Jet hasn't had a single urinary tract infection since she started seeing Dr. Sivula. This has made such an improvement in her quality of life - she is no longer burdened by the pain of constant infections.

As I like to say, Dr. Sivula "gets it." He (and his caring, knowledgeable staff) understand what Jet means to us. He truly cares for his patients and their people. He is smart, resourceful, compassionate and completely trustworthy. In fact, Jet had to have emergency surgery recently (unrelated to her ongoing medical conditions) and I asked Dr. Sivula if he could check on her during her stay in the hospital. Just knowing that he was looking after her made me feel so comfortable and at ease with her care.

Of the extensive cast of capable veterinarians whom have played a role in Jet's care over the past three years, I can only call two of them "Jet's Angels" - Dr. Sivula is one of those angels (and the other is Dr. Sivula's neighbor, Dr. Jeromin!). Jet is so lucky to have her Dr. Sivula.

Dianne Ketler, Dan Rivkin and Jet"