Dancing Paws Animal Wellness Center

4646 W. Streetsboro Rd.
Akron, OH 44286



Harriet Kortyna


"When I found my mom, my right front leg was badly injured. Our family vet said I had a condition called radial nerve damage. This means my muscles don't work like they're supposed to.

In order to walk, I would drag my leg around and use my shoulder for support. Everyone who saw me felt really bad for me. My mom knew my back was probably sore because of the way I was getting around.

We found Dr. Sivula. He said I had arthritis, and my spine was misaligned from walking the way I did. After only one appointment, my walking improved!

After a few treatments, I was moving around better than I ever had before. I can run with my friends, and people have commented on how much better I look. I feel great!

The staff at Dancing Paws loves animals, and they really care about helping pets get better. I know why they call it Dancing Paws - my leg is almost ready for take tap-dancing lessons, thanks to Dr. Sivula!


With Love, Harriet"