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Dusty Biondo


"This is our girl, Dusty, an Australian Cattle Dog mix. We rescued her when she was six months old.

When Dusty was about two years old, she developed a limp after rough-housing with her brother. When I took her to see her regular vet, they diagnosed her with strained back muscles. After consulting with a specialist at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, we learned that Dusty had likely injured an important muscle in her back leg called a cruciate ligament.

The surgery was very expensive, and also required Dusty to be strictly confined for a long period of time. This would have been torture for her!

I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Sivula. He recommended underwater treadmill therapy, chiropractic care and supplements. As time when on, her sessions went from weekly to once a month. Now, after almost two years of therapy, Dusty can run again!

She is crazy and has great fun in her agility training. She's doing great, and doesn't have any sign of her former injury. Dr. Sivula is wonderful, very knowledgeable and we just love him! We can't thank him enough for all he's done for our Dusty.

Fred, Julie and Dusty Biondo"